About Guilford Students

Quaker Character…

Guilford College offers a transformational and practical liberal arts education anchored by our core values.  According to a report from The Association of American Colleges & Universities 93% of employers say that critical thinking, complex problem-solving and communication skills are more important to professional success than the undergraduate major, which are all key components of a liberal arts degree.

Our core values include: community, diversity, equality, excellence, integrity, justice and stewardship, which culminate into producing graduates that are ethical leaders in our community.  Guilford College instills social responsibility in its students, and students are committed to advancing positive social change.  

What employers are saying about Guilford Students…

“Guilford students are always equally interested in learning and contributing to their community.”
“All of our Guilford students present themselves in a respectful and professional manner to clients”
“Exude confidence and stellar writing skills”
“Compassionate, professional, curious”