Academic Advising at Guilford

Guided Discovery is Guilford’s centralized advising center that offers holistic advising for all students. It is an integrated academic and career advising program which is staffed by academic-focused Guides (Academic Guides) and career-focused Guides (Career Guides).

Before students begin their  first semester at Guilford, they will be assigned to both an Academic Guide–who serves as their primary academic advisor for two years, and a Career Guide–who remains with them for all four years. These assignments are determined by the student’s choice of Pathway.

As students begin building relationships with their Guides, there are plenty of things to discuss! Students could start with any of the following:

  • Explore their strengths, interests, skills, majors and careers
  • Discuss course registration
  • Learn how to connect with faculty and staff across campus
  • Get referrals to other campus services
  • Find out what works best for their self care
  • Begin preparation for internships
  • Connect to experiential learning opportunities
  • Receive coaching for graduate school/job preparation, cover letters and resumes
  • Locate job shadowing opportunities
  • Network with alumni and community partners
Read more about Academic and Career Guides and the structure of a student’s success team below.

Every first-year student will be assigned an Academic Guide who will  serve as their primary academic advisor for the first two years. Transfer students will connect with our Transfer Specialist Guide, Amy Holmes, to determine if that student is ready for faculty advising.

In Reflection Seminar 2, which is taken in most students’ fourth semester, the instructor will help students connect with a faculty advisor in their major. That faculty member will take over as their primary academic advisor by the end of their 2nd year and advise them in their final two years.

The Academic Guide will remain on the student’s success team as a secondary advisor, so you will always be able to connect with your Guide(s) during you time at Guilford and beyond!

Every incoming student will be assigned a Career Guide in their Pathway as a secondary advisor. Career Guides will reach out regularly to students in their Pathway to schedule one-on-one meetings and to share news about various career discernment programs and events.

A student’s Career Guide will remain the same during the student’s time at Guilford. If a student makes a Pathway change, the Career Guide in the new Pathway will take over.

Be sure to check out the Career Planning section of our website for more information on services and resources offered from Career Guides!

This image shows a visual representation of a student's success team over time at Guilford and the overall advising structure. Solid lines show when a particular role serves as the PRIMARY resource for the student. Dotted lines indicate a member of the student's advising team who may be serving in a more indirect role, but is still accessible by the student.