Excellence Brought to Light

Guided Discovery is directed by seven points of wellness: Resiliency, Celebration, Empowerment, Reflective Curiosity, Connectedness, Self-Care, and Healthy Communication. With these and Guilford’s core values in mind, every semester we celebrate Excellence Brought to Light and give space for fellow community members to recognize each other for excellence  and acts above and beyond expectations, inside and outside of the classroom.

Examples of catching a student being excellent include, but are not limited to: academic achievement, acts of kindness, helping a peer, or going above and beyond in work-study, clubs, or projects.

Examples of faculty or staff members being excellent include, but are not limited to: scholarly achievement, professional excellence, acts of kindness, helping a community member, doing more than their “job description,” involvement in clubs, or noteworthy special projects.

All nominees are notified and receive the reason & rationale for their nomination (though nominator’s names will be kept confidential, if requested). The list of nominees and the points of excellence that have been recognized will be shared with the Community and celebrated on campus following collection of submissions for both students and faculty/staff each semester- viewable here on our website!

Spring 2021 Recognitions

Fall 2021 Recognitions

Continue to be on the lookout for Excellence Brought to Light submission opportunities every semester through the Buzz, social media, and your Guilford email!