Exploring Careers

Your career is not a destination–it’s a journey! Become familiar with the idea of continuously exploring career options, the latest tools/trends for career preparation, and your interests. Your Career Guides are here to help you navigate every aspect of your career whether you are exploring majors during your first year, preparing to job or internship hunt as an upperclassmen, or transition fields as an alum. Your career doesn’t start after graduation–it starts NOW! Every area you explore here at Guilford will lead you one step closer to what is waiting for you after graduation.

Below are some resources for exploring careers. Be sure to connect with a Career Guide about these resources!

Browse career areas and view statistics, in-depth descriptions, day-to-day duties, and education needed to help in researching majors you are interested in.
Create an account or login with your Guilford.edu email and take personality, values, interests, and workplace preference assessments and then view your career/major matches and data.
You can browse major and career information and statistics within your Navigate student app or on the desktop website.
This Federal agency measures labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy. You will find in-depth insights on all available occupations and have a better understanding of what is really out there waiting for you!
Scroll to the bottom of our main .edu page to find the link for WhatCanIDoWithThisMajor.com, a site to explore common majors/minors and areas to work within them.
Self-identify with Holland’s six career interest types and explore majors, careers, hobbies, and personality traits associated with each type.

Quaker Career Plan

Check out our 4-year path towards career readiness to help plan your career development goals during your time at Guilford!

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