Finding an Internship


Internships are the epitome of experiential learning! Internship experiences allow students to contribute to professional environments, companies, and teams while also learning a great deal about the field. Help your resume STAND OUT by showing future employers that you have the experience it takes to hit the ground running!

Search Strategies

There are a plethora of internships available to students all over the world! These opportunities can be found through various employment search engines/sites. The most popular sites that our students frequent are  Handshake, Google Careers, Indeed, and LinkedIn. Through these sites, you will find links to applications much like those you see for available jobs. 

Students are also encouraged to reach out to groups or businesses that interest them most! Just because they may not have a posting online does not mean they are not willing to take on an intern. Reach out for an informational interview to introduce yourself and inquire about potential internship opportunities they may offer or create just for you. Here is a comprehensive list of sites that our Guilford College students have interned with in the past. Use this list to spark ideas about what types of places you can reach out to if you need some help getting creative. 

Keep in mind, whether you take on a traditional internship experience that requires a formal application/interview process or worked with a business to create your own experience, it is the responsibility of each student to vet the legitimacy and safety of your own internship experience. 

Need help searching or choosing the right opportunity? Reach out to your CAPE Advisor via Navigate!

Search & Preparation Tips:

  • Start your search process early
  • Prepare your resume and cover letter with CAPE
  • Apply for multiple opportunities 
  • Don’t just send in blind applications. Reach out a few days after you hit submit to reiterate your interest and follow-up 
  • Conduct a Mock Interview with your CAPE Advisor
  • Secure professional references and make sure the contact information is accurate
  • Google yourself! Delete any inappropriate information or images 

Internships for Credit

Guilford College allows and supports students to receive credit for their internship experiences. Students can receive 1-4 credits under 290 or 390 course designations under your department. A 290 internship is considered to be exploratory while a 390 internship is related directly to their major. Please see the information below for further requirements and details:

Required On-Site Hours Per Credit:
  • 1 Credit = 36 Hours
  • 2 Credits = 72 Hours
  • 3 Credits = 108 Hours
  • 4 Credits = 144 Hours

Coursework requirements vary for each internship experience. The agreed-upon required coursework is outlined in the students proposal (found within the registration forms below) and must be approved by their faculty sponsor. Oftentimes, faculty will require weekly journals, a midterm paper/project, and/or a final paper/project. Discuss this with your faculty sponsor as soon as you being to seek interest in registering for an internship for credit.

Required Materials:
Registration Process:

After all required materials are submitted to and approved by CAPE the information is passed along to the registrar’s office. The registrar’s office registers students manually and after the credits are added to Banner Web, the student will be notified directly. 

Registration Deadlines:

Spring 2022:

4 credit hours – Monday, September 26. 2022

3 credit hours – Wednesday, October 5, 2022

1-2 credit hours – Wednesday, November 22, 2022

Interested in searching for an internship or do you have questions about the registration process? Reach out to Amber Slade (