Internship Sponsor Information

Faculty Sponsors serve as the instructor of record for each student’s internship for credit. As the faculty sponsor, your main responsibilities include:

  • providing initial approval of the student’s internship experience and proposal;
  • providing guidance and support through the student’s internship experience;
  • co-creating and finalizing the student’s coursework related to the internship experience;
  • checking in with assigned student(s) by maintaining regular communication  in accordance to the  previously agreed upon schedule outlined in the proposal;
  • connecting with internship site supervisor(s) as needed;
  • aiding student(s) in keeping track of their required on-site hours; and
  • issuing midterm and final grades via Banner Web.

*Please note, the faculty sponsor role is different from the faculty advisor role. The faculty advisor must also approve of the student’s internship experience, but they are not required to take on the role as the faculty sponsor. The advisor and sponsor CAN be the same person, but if the advisor is unable to take on an intern, the student must find another faculty member within the department most related to their internship experience to sponsor their internship experience. 

  • Example 1: Student A is a CTIS major and is planning to intern with Guilford County School’s IT department. Student A’s faculty advisor approves of the internship, but is unavailable to oversee their internship experience. Student A must now find another faculty member within the CTIS department to serve as their faculty sponsor.
  • Example 2: Student B is a Spanish major and is planning to intern with a local marketing firm. The internship, however,  is exploratory as they will be serving as a content creator. No aspects of their internship will include Spanish speaking or culture studies. Student B’s faculty advisor in the foreign language department approves of the internship, but is unable to serve as their faculty sponsor because this internship is not related to their discipline. Student B must now find a faculty sponsor from a department related to marketing (examples can include Art, Business, English, or XD). Contact Guided Discovery for helping students choose faculty sponsors outside of their “home” department.

For any questions, please reach out to or Amber Slade (