Program Vision & Model

Guided Discovery Program Vision

Guided Discovery is a structured, integrated advising program designed to promote introspection and discernment of abilities, interests, and goals to guide students through their studies and prepare them for post-college success.  Guided Discovery’s collaborative approach helps students to integrate their academic, co-curricular, and personal experiences​.  Guilford Guides serve as the foundation of a support team that, in addition to providing academic and career advising, builds connections with peer mentors, campus resources, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners on and off campus. The ultimate goal is for the student to become the leader of their own team.

Guided Discovery provides scaffolded and team-based advising for all four years ​with intentional and personalized engagement between students and their advising team to create an individualized course of study and graduation/post-graduation plan. As a result of this program, more students will have information and experiences needed to make sound decisions​ that will affect their careers and place in the world than they would without it.  Additionally, Guided Discovery will help students:

  • pursue educational plans shaped by their sense of purpose and inspiration, academic interests, career aspirations, and life goals;
  • demonstrate how their chosen course of study, when integrated with collaborative learning, ethical leadership development, and co-curricular experiences, define a personally successful liberal arts education;
  • use on- and off-campus resources to improve academic performance, career readiness, and life skills; and
  • cultivate and maintain interpersonal relationships with others (including members of their Focus Group, peers, faculty, staff, alumni) to advance personal and professional goals.

Construct, revise and update an individual mission statement, with personal and professional, short-term and long-term goals.  

Guided Discovery Program Purpose & Objectives

  • Guided Discovery aids in the exceptional preparation of Guilford graduates with meaningful and extensive practical experience that yields a decided edge in competing for graduate school and careers.
  • The program supports holistic life preparedness for Guilford College students with integrated advising.  Each year of a student’s time at Guilford offers a different focus towards academic success and career/post-graduation preparedness and structured engagement with Guided Discovery:  Reflect, Discover, Connect, Activate 
  • Through intentional exploration of their interests, talents, motivations, and goals, each student will design a personalized success team of faculty, staff, peers, alumni, and community members, ultimately becoming the leader of their own team. 
  • Guilford Guides will collaborate with students and their teams to explore areas of intellectual curiosity, identify pathways to meaningful engagement, and map out ways to thrive, excel, and serve in their college and post-college journeys.  
  • With the help of their success team, students will successfully navigate their Collaborative Quest, the self-designed portion of their academic journey, in addition to a traditional major. Students will be, therefore, better equipped to compete in, contribute to, and adapt with the ever-changing career landscape they face after graduation.

Guided Discovery is rooted in the core competencies of the lead organizations for career and academic advising, National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and National Academic Advising Association (NACADA). 

Our Model

Guided Discovery incorporates seven points of wellness into our advising and teaching.

7 Points of Wellness
Being intentional about wellness is essential to your success – inside and outside of the classroom. The seven points of wellness that we will focus on together are outlined below. These skills will help you transition to college, succeed in classes and thrive in any environment after you graduate.
  1. Resiliency
  2. Celebration
  3. Empowerment
  4. Reflective Curiosity
  5. Connectedness
  6. Self-Care
  7. Healthy Communication