Registration Information

When do I register for next semester’s courses?

Course registration dates and times are based on the number of earned credit hours (courses in-progress will not count toward earned hours).  You can find your assigned registration date and time, and other registration information, by visiting the Registrar and Student Accounts Intranet page.

Their intranet page also has links to other relevant info for this upcoming registration period. For your convenience, here’s some direct information from the Registrar:

Registrar’s Information for Students

Registrar’s Information for Faculty

Registrar Office Forms (Overload form, drop/add form, etc.)

How do I register for courses?

Before you can access the “Add or Drop Classes” page in BannerWeb to add your courses, you must obtain your Alternate PIN number from your primary academic advisor. For all current first-year students, your primary advisor is your academic Guilford Guide. If you are unsure who your Guide is, you can view this on Navigate or BannerWeb.

All current First-Year students are required to meet with their primary academic Guilford Guide in-person to obtain their alternate PIN and plan their courses. Juniors and Seniors, along with Sophomores who have been assigned a faculty advisor, should follow the guidelines from their faculty advisor on obtaining their alternate PIN.

After obtaining your PIN, on your registration date, you can enter your PIN when accessing the “Add or Drop Classes” page in BannerWeb to search for courses, and add or drop courses! 

Here is a step-by-step guide for registering for courses in Banner.

*Please note: If there are any holds on your account (from unpaid balances, incomplete judicial sanctions, missing immunization forms, etc), you will not be able to register until those holds are removed. This will require you to reach out to the office that has placed the hold in order to find out how to get the hold removed. 

Can I look up classes before I get my alternate PIN/my registration day?

Yes! Use the “Look Up Classes” link in BannerWeb to search and browse all course offerings for Spring 2020. Make a list of courses you need, courses you prefer, and back-up options!

Wait, I need to change my major and minor before registration!

Sure thing! All First Year students must contact their primary academic Guide to make major or minor changes. These changes will not go into effect until the following semester, but don’t worry, your current major/minor standing will not affect what courses you are able to register for.

Sophomores and onward can use the “Change Major, Minor, etc.” link under the Student tab in BannerWeb to submit changes, however, this link is only active during the Registration period.

Where can I find my major or minor curriculum requirements so I can know what to be searching for?

The Guilford College Catalog has all the curriculum info you need for every major, minor, and department. You can also work with a Guilford Guide in your Pathway or  your major advisor to assist you in curriculum planning.

We also have Degree Map documents available on our Academic Programs and Degree Planning page- we encourage you to start one with a Guide!

What about general education requirements? Where can I find that information?

For all students following the 2019-20 curriculum, this page in the catalog outlines the “Critical Bases” (General Education requirements). You can also view your “Degree Evaluation” in BannerWeb to see how you are currently meeting these requirements.