Resources for Academic Advising

Advising Syllabus

Please see the 2019-20 Guilford College Advising Syllabus below. This syllabus gives an outlook on the advisor/advisee relationship, the expectations for each role, and the typical annual advising cycle. 

Link to Advising Syllabus

Advising Appointment Worksheet

Below is an Advising Appointment Worksheet students can use during or before registration appointments. The worksheet provides a space to plan out 3- and 12-week courses for that registration period; helps map what requirements the courses may be fulfilling; and includes a place to record the Alt PIN, whether they have any holds, and other relevant registration notes. 

Link to Advising Appointment Worksheet 

Course Blocks

The links below illustrate the 2019-20 course blocks for the college. These outline times dedicated to courses, collaborative time, community time, etc. 

2019-20 3-Week Schedule

2019-20 12-Week Schedule

Guilford College Academic Events Calendar

 The following link shows the Google Calendar for the college’s academic events and deadlines. 

 Academic Events Google Calendar

Navigate Info

Navigate is the appointment platform we use here at Guilford College. The following is a resource guide to using Navigate for issues relevant to Guided Discovery (click the links to see how-to on the topic):

This is under construction.

Banner Info

Please see below for instructions on various aspects of BannerWeb (click the links for the “how-to” guide):

This is under construction.

4-Year Course Planner

The following is a 4-year planning document that can be used to forecast a list of courses leading up to a student’s graduation term. This can be used in conjunction with the Degree Maps for each major also provided in this Advising Manual in section II.iii. 

Link to 4-Year Course Planner

Course descriptions of special topics, HPs, etc.

The following is a current list (2020-21) of all Special Topics, Historical Perspectives, and other courses without readily available descriptions and information:

Link to 20-21 Special Topics course descriptions

Link to 20-21 HP course descriptions

Athletics Practice Schedules

Guilford College students athletes have varying practice and game schedules every semester that may affect their course planning. The following are the currently known practice and game schedules for each sport here at Guilford College for 2019-20:

This is under construction.